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internshipsBattery Dance Company provides volunteer internships for students interested in experiencing the gamut of experiences that constitute the field of non-profit performing arts management and the role that dance plays in society. Interns will assist in a variety of exciting projects related to Battery Dance Company’s international and domestic programs, ranging from archiving the extraordinary history of BDC to participating in the creation of cultural diplomacy projects. Interns will have the opportunity to work closely with Jonathan Hollander, Artistic Director and Founder of Battery Dance Company, as well as Elena Ryabova and Emad Salem, Deputy Directors of Domestic and International Programs.

The BDC Internship Program seeks to engage the unique skills and interests of each individual in addition to helping students develop an aptitude for new and unfamiliar skills. We enthusiastically welcome interns into our management team, appreciating new voices and visions as an important and valued resource for the forward momentum of Battery Dance Company. The internship program is particularly beneficial for students wishing to pursue a career in arts management, budding choreographers and dance artists seeking to learn the logistics of running a dance company, and individuals who desire to affect social change through the arts, to further the art of contemporary dance both abroad and in NYC, or to gain volunteer/community service hours in a creative and engaging environment. No prior experience in dance or arts management is required though responsibilities are scaled to the ability of each intern.

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Gabriella Cipolla, Downtown Dance Festival Coordinator

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Adrian Chipindi, Teachers College, Columbia University, Downtown Dance Festival Intern, Summer 2012.

As an international student, I found working at BDC very enriching. The experience was full of fun, learning opportunities and insightful situations. Of course it is impossible to share my experiences at BDC in a sentence or two, with every day being full of learning opportunities about practical issues in the area of arts administration. At BDC, it was clear that the organization values diversity, in terms of its administrative staff, artistic personnel and the clients that it serves. From time to time, Jonathan provided important insights on the board selection process and its importance to the mission of the organization. I learnt the importance of a mission to an organization. The idea of artistic excellence and social relevance is very important to BDC. I saw it from our day to day business, to the way we organized the Downtown Dance Festival and the amount of support we got from the local community. The mission is not just some fancy statement that is on the website but is something that is operationalized every day through what the organization does. Though I was mainly working on the festival, every BDC program was interconnected -- from the workshops to the Dancing to Connect program and more. At BDC everything is connected and brought together by its mission. At BDC I was not just a random intern making my required hours but I was a full member of a team who was expected to contribute my full potential.

The project oriented internship meant that I had to learn by doing. I was assigned to the Downtown Dance Festival so that I could be exposed to the whole festival cycle from the beginning until the end. What I found very valuable was the fact that though my project had a specific goal, (to assist in the production of the festival), the process was full of lessons. Meaning, it was not just about the festival but more so about the lessons learned throughout the process. This ensured that I was exposed to a wide range of situations that impacted different skills including communication, planning, scheduling and coordinating etc. The process gave me a chance to gain insights and experience hands-on. Though the process was important, seeing the product come to fruition through the festival was the most rewarding! During the festival I worked with great minds and groups from all over the world!

Even after my internship ended, I remain enlisted and committed to this wonderful organization and its mission. I keenly follow the DtC team in Africa (I wish they were in Zambia, again!). I try to look at the current issues in the Middle East with the lens of cultural diplomacy and the need for new forms of dialogue becomes increasingly important.

If you want to learn hands-on the practice of arts administration, in a multicultural setting with a deep rooted mission to change the world by bringing different cultures together, then BDC must be your next destination!


Hannah Barnard, Senior, Florida State University, Fall 2011 Domestic Programs Intern

“The first day of my internship, I was immediately welcomed into the BDC family. Jonathan took the time out of his incredibly busy schedule to sit down and talk with me about the fascinating journey of Battery Dance Company from a small, struggling group of dancers to a world-renowned establishment. I was introduced to all the dancers and BDC managers, who excitedly described the projects I would be assisting them with and explained the huge impact these projects could have on communities all over the world. The environment at BDC is warm, open, and friendly, and I feel truly appreciated for the work I am able to offer this amazing company. I feel so privileged to be a part of the beautifully inspiring artistic outreach that Battery Dance Company is committed to spreading throughout the entire world.”