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Our Studios


Battery Dance Company makes available, at a discounted rates, two separate loft studio rehearsal spaces. Both can be booked by choreographers, dance companies, theater companies and dance instructors. The studios are open 6am-Midnight and feature wood sub-floors covered with Harlequin Stand Fast, natural lighting, full-length mirrors and separate changing rooms and shower.

For viewing, questions, and bookings call Natalia or Melissa.
Phone:  212-219-3910;  email:

About our studios:

Battery Dance offers two spacious studios equipped with wood sub-floors covered with Harlequin Stand Fast (Marley), natural light and 11.5-foot ceilings.

Front Studio:    30’ x 43’ | with piano and ballet barres (max. 30 people)
Back Studio:    30’ x 37’ | with portable barres (max. 20 people)

Both studios are equipped with:

  • Full length mirror
  • Air conditioning + self-adjusting heat
  • Sound system and cables

Facilities: Men and women dressing room + single user bathroom in both


You will be able to book both studios:
Monday – Sunday | 6am-10pm (every day of the year)
Late Night Hours |10pm -12am
However, Battery Dance Office is only open from:
Monday – Friday | 9am-5pm (excluding federal holidays)


Studio Rental